Should I hear this Podcast? (2019/09/26)

  1. Mindfulness Can Help You Not Be Angry At Yourself
  2. Memnun Giving Energy - Only Do What You Want For Your Partner and They'll Love You More For It
  3. Evolution of the Mind
  4. Shrooms
  5. Wondering Around
  6. Sharing that Noticing that Recording This is Kind of Scary
  7. Spontaneous Meditation - On Thoughts and Being Aware
  8. Spontaneous Meditation - James from Costa Rica
  9. What it Means to Be a Jew (part 2)
  10. What it Means to Be a Jew (part 1)
  11. Life, Work, Happiness, Religion - with Tzach Bar 🇮🇱
  12. October Diet
  13. Should I hear this Podcast?
  14. On Names and Morality, with Yotam Yosef Avital 🇮🇱
  15. 5 Minutes Meditation
  16. About This Podcast, with Dvir Adler 🇮🇱
  17. Meditation on the Merits of Weed
  18. Food Meditation and Dieting
  19. Bad Mood 3: Meditation On The Merits of Meditation
  20. Bad Mood 2: Meditation On The Merits of Meditation
  21. Bad Mood 1: Meditation on Your Thoughts in A Black Bowl
  22. Israeli Elections and the Meaning of Happiness, with Ofek Rafaeli 🇮🇱
  23. Being an Engineering Manager at Google, with David Lewis
  24. Post-Burning Man Reflections, with David Lewis
  25. Pre-Burning Man Reflections, with Dvir Adler 🇮🇱
  26. Nihilism and the meaning of life, with Jordan Valansi 🇮🇱
  27. The Meaning of Life