Believe the “Messiahs” Around You

What all mystics and shamans have in common is that they have made the journey and they have seen that they are one with the cosmos, they have felt the communion with God and the divine, they have dissolved their ego, they have realized they are one with the world. This unity is prophetic in nature. The great men of history, Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu, I would claim even Abraham. They all got this. And they came, they came back to tell us all about it. This is why Jesus is Christ, why he is the messiah. Because he was trying to tell us it’s ok, that everything is ok. And if you listen to him, you’ll get it to. And you’ll be “saved”. Do you see it? Because you ARE saved. There is nothing to lose. You will, to quote the way Christians say it, “stay in the kingdom of God forever”.

This got a bit hocus and dreamy so let’s try to bring back to ground and talk about it in normal-speak. There are ways, for example through meditation, psychodelic drugs, or a near-death experience, there are ways of coming to terms with your own existence. Of losing the stories of “who you are” as told within the plot of the humans around you, without labeling you as a human, without labeling you at all or anything else for that matter, just pure being.

Let’s try again: imagine what it’s like to be something. Anything at all. Say, a doctor. Imagine what it’s like to be a doctor. Now… imagine what it’s not like to be a doctor… So what are you imagining, then? Just… not being a doctor? What thoughts do you have about that? Are you perhaps imagining what’s like then, to be a human? Or an adult? These are all assumptions about your identity. You are not any of these. You are just experiencing that. You are feeling what it’s like to be ‘You’; you ARE that feeling. You are the experience of your life. You are not a person; you are an experience.

So - back to where we started. Some people get to understand this, and some can put it in words, and some are Charismatic and convincing and caring enough that they spread the word. They are Abraham and Jesus. They are the Bodhisattvas and the Zen masters. They take vows that they will help save everyone basically by explaining this to them, each in their own style and to the best of their ability. They are spreading the truth: that there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Everything is absolutely ok.

So if you happen to meet someone who tells you that all is great, that they have found God, that they realized that they were God, that you are God, that we are all one with each other and we are all the Universe, that Atman is Brahman (as they say in Hinduism) - listen to them, for they are essentially holy men walking among us, spreading the word of God, which is You.

So if you meet somebody who is telling you that they are the messiah, then they are RIGHT and you should listen to them. Because the very fact is that they are telling you that the kingdom of heaven has come and that we are in heaven right now. And because, if you realize that they’re right - and I hope I don’t sound too crazy now 😉 - then you will realize that they have just let you know, or rather they have reminded you, that you are already in heaven. And so they have brought heaven to you.