About Me

I have hitchhiked through Tierra del Fuego, paraglided over Lima, ice-climbed to 6,000 meters in Bolivia (hardest thing I’ve ever done), rode on the roof of a jeep driven by buddhist monks up to remote monasteries in the Himalayan Spiti Valley, swam through underwater caves near Semuc Champey (Guatemala), ziplined hundreds of meters above the ground through the canopy forest tree-tops in Costa Rica, drove by car from San Francisco to NYC through 19 states, biked through North-Western Ireland, eventually flipping, crashing, and dislocating my shoulder, and hiked through icy-water chest-deep rivers to the southern-most point of the South-American continent.

During Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, I samba’ed with 50,000 people at the Sambadrome. I attended a Dalai Lama teaching on compassion at Dharamshala, taught Tibetan refugees English, and am part of the Guinness world-record-holding group of ‘most people with a monkey-tail beard’. I drove in 60’s convertibles in Havana, Cuba, celebrated a makeshift Passover in a village of 3k people in Sweden, and organized a fully traditional (kosher!) Passover in La Paz, Bolivia. I had altitude-sickness sleeping with pigs near Todos Santos, GT, before climbing Central America’s 2nd-highest non-volcanic peak, a week after roasting marshmellows over lava rocks.

I have slept at the only nudist beach in Uruguay, crawled through the silver mine tunnels, in the “world’s worst place to work” in Potosí, and waited for a boat for four days in Paraguay (it never came). I practiced Vipassana, Ashtanga Vinyasa, and got dreadlocks in India. In South Africa I drove by lions mating and elephants bathing at Kruger Park, and watched my kid brother bungee jump off a 216m-high bridge. I have acted as an extra on an episode of “E.R.”, and participated in the Israeli evacuation of the Gaza strip in 2005.

I have visited over 30 countries, am fluent in 3 languages (English, Hebrew, Spanish), mediocre at 3 others (German, Russian, literary Arabic) and have studied some French, Hindi, and American Sign Language (the coolest word in ASL is “pizza”). I have hosted over 50 CouchSurfers.

I got a 786 on my Israeli SAT (top 0.001%) with no preparation course. I have written books about linear algebra, about Git, and about data-mining (classified).

My army service was as an intelligence officer in Israel’s elite Intelligence technological unit for five years, leading software systems that would change the knowledge-management and data-mining workflows of thousands and winning numerous awards.

I later double-majored in Computer Science and Psychology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem - it took me three years (Dean’s List at the end of the third), of which the last two I also worked at NDS (Cisco). After University I joined Fiverr, the world’s leading services marketplace. I left Fiverr and founded my own startup -, the first social network for crowd-interviews (which is still active).

Oh, and I am the unoffical world champion in Egyptian Ratscrew.

Today, I am a freelance full-stack consultant.

If you are interested, don’t be shy, hit me up. :)