The concept of ‘meta’ and self-reference show you that the object and subject can be one and the same, and in fact that they have no other option. Any non-trivial language can describe itself: English can describe English and any poet can compose a ballad about herself. A story-teller is also the story, and not distinct from it. This is necessarily so, and for any non-trivial story and teller this is simply self-evident.

The same is true for the ultimate story: the movie we see through our eyes; the story and myth of our existence as a story-teller in the first place; the illusion of the self and ego as separate from the other. For if we can tell the story, then we are clearly part of the story, and thus we are the story telling itself. And there can be no separation between the story and itself.

And so you, too, are one with the universe. And there is nothing to worry about, because anything that happens to ‘you’ happens to ‘the universe’ and vice versa, do you see? And this leads to immense relief, which in turn leads to happiness, because that’s what happiness is after all, isn’t it - relief? For in some way it is our natural state of affairs to be ‘happy’, but we are always worried, needing to know that something or other will turn out in a fortunate way. And once that worry is appeased - a score on a test, being accepted to some institution, marrying off your daughter, or any such ‘achievement’ - why, so we are very relieved that we might just break out in a dance!

And so you see, there is no and could be no separation between the teller and the story, between the “you” and the “other”. You are one with the universe. you are all that there is, you are the teller and the story, and it is necessarily so.

This is a mystic experience. If one is a Western European and believes in the ego and self, one might say this is a feeling of the dissolution of the ego; of the “self” as a separate entity. If one is an oriental Buddhist, one might say she has realized she is ‘one with the universe’. And if one is a Palestinian Jew, why, one might just say that one is God herself, and this is true, for we are all God, and any separation between us is arbitrary, the invisible lines we draw on ourselves as the tellers of our own story