This summer of 2014, I am looking for a software cofounder for a web knowledge community startup. If you are reading this, you might be relevant. If you help me find a cofounder - let’s qualify that as someone with whom I will work as such for at least 120 days - I will give you 5,000 NIS (or 1,500 USD).

They say finding a cofounder is as hard as finding a romantic partner – someone whose personality (and abilities?) must be a good fit for you, someone with whom you must be able to pass the hard moments as well as the day-to-day toil. And hey, you wouldn’t necessarily expect your romantic partner to know JavaScript. (Or would you?)

def findCofounder(cand) 
  cand.knows_me? || (cand.strong_programmer? && cand.has_strong_business_skills?)

I would be interested in meeting any talented & interesting individuals, preferably technical, preferably Israeli. In any case, s/he should answer at least 2 of the three:

  1. Extremely strong in terms of content and community moderation (read below)
  2. Extremely strong technically (web development, MEAN stack)
  3. Know me personally, or have a strong mutual referrer.

1) From the business/product/marketing side, I would especially be interested in anyone who might want to join me in an effort to create a localized, collaborative Q&A platform of high-quality content – a Hebrew (then Spanish, Arabic, Russian) version of StackOverflow/Quora, to capture the best minds and content of the non-English Internet. The individual should be someone whose passion for knowledge communities should have been demonstrated. Those who have known me in the army, will be familiar with what I am referring to.

2) From the technical perspective, I am interested in web development strengths, inclined towards a MEAN (Mongo, Express, Angular) stack and a NoSQL persistence layer. Must have either already proven experience or extremely high credentials otherwise.

3) Israel’s a small country - how would we not have any mutual friends?

Don’t be shy, doesn’t hurt to try: